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Twin Sentries by Kalwadi Twin Sentries by Kalwadi
I haven't worked so feverishly on a project since last year when my final English paper was due by email by midnight, and my internet wasn't working. o.O;

These are the Twin Sentries. They're a surveillance system created to relay messages to other battle-ready robots. The antennae act as satellite dishes for longer range communication. The fiberoptic tails are used to communicate between the partners via light flashes, changing in intensity and colors. The multiple LEDs act as the eyes.

Their designs were modeled after two insects, the dragonfly and the moth. Each one has a hidden LED inside the copper body frame to light the fibers. Unfortunately the second twin's LED shuffled lose from it's battery during the photo shoot, so it's fibers are not glowing. (He probably just has nothing to say. Haha.) Each is made from copper plumbing pipe, and copper wire that was extracted from a hard-wire electrical service feed. The wing membranes are made from burlap and rubber cement, then sewn around a copper wire frame. (the rubber cement made the burlap gaps more membrane-like)

Sorry for the graininess. At the last minute my computer wouldn't see my usual camera and I needed to use a Sony Mini DV Handycam for these pictures. I can upload better ones later, but as it's two minutes till midnight I don't see that happening till after the contest deadline.

(Edit: HAH. I didn't realize the deadline was in pacific time! OTL Well, my camera still isn't working but I'll see what I can do now that I have a bit more time.)
(Edit 2: New pictures! finally I got my computer working with my camera again. I hope I didn't spam your inboxi with edits. ^^;)
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Arada Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009
ryklu jdrnr[f WIN
Kalwadi Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009
Thanks? XD;
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September 18, 2009
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